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Chief Marketing Officer (CMO) jobs in Other Locations

Chief Marketing Officer (CMO) Roles

The Chief Marketing Officer is an extremely experienced marketer and is responsible for facilitating the growth, sales and marketing strategy within a company. The CMO will lead THE marketing team by example, working towards company objectives.


·      Set marketing goals and objectives

·      Plan, implement and manage marketing strategy

·      Contribute to the overall growth of the company

·      Review and manage content marketing strategy 

·      Determine KPIs for marketing department

·      Keep the marketing budget in check

·      Track KPIs on a regular basis and present reports

·      Work with sales and development and customer success teams

·      Create and present the annual marketing plan and strategy

·      Use data and reports to make evidence-based decisions

·      Analyze company's marketing strategy and suggest improvements

·      Stay up to date with the latest technology

·      Stay up to date with the latest best practices

·      Attend marketing conferences and educational programs

·      Design, plan and execute effective marketing campaigns


·      Hands on experience with CRM and SEO tools like Google Analytics, Google Adwords, HubSpot, WebTrends, SalesForce, etc.

·      Regularly produce and present reports

·      Excellent organizational and time management skills

·      Good communication and interpersonal skills

·      Excellent presentation skills 

·      MA in Marketing, Management or similar relevant field

·      Addition marketing certifications are a plus

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